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Wednesday, September 26

A Dear Friend, A Passion and an Idea

A friend, my sister in the Lord, one of my inspirations. Who is this, you ask? My best friend Susie. She seems to have this ability to have an idea and and make it happen from the conceptual idea to making it a reality. We have been friends since High School and she always has some amazing idea up her sleeve and approaches me with it to come on board and help her make it happen. One of these ideas I am talking about is a huge and wonderful vision she had in 2008 to plan and start the 1st annual Omega High School youth group reunion in the Bay Area. Susie called me up and said "Vicki, we need to have a reunion for Omega and will you help me plan and advertise it?" Of course I said, "Sure, let's do it!" Well, that was the most successful event I have ever been a part of! We did it together and actually ended up with over 400 attendees!
The more recent grand plan of a vision my good friend Susie has thought up in her adventurous mind was just recently within the past year is to start some kind of business together.  This one was harder for me to get on board with, I just said to her time and time again, "what will we do or what will we sell?" I just tried to be encouraging and yet I really didn't know what to say. I never say no to her, I just really had no clue and either did she. We thought of selling purses and bags online together, we thought of becoming wedding planners or maybe even a nanny business but nothing has stood out. One idea Susie had in the past 6 months was to start making cupcakes to sell, and I actually thought this was one of the better and more interesting ideas yet, even though we do have about 360 miles between us. Well, I am jumping ahead to today and want to share with you that we have officially started working together on an idea! It's a muffin idea for a business...Please click here and "like" SuZsweets!
The start and inspiration of SuZsweets came from the idea of cupcakes but evolved into muffins..Susie is living in Tracy, Ca and works at Vita Dolce just for fun she started making huge blueberry muffins for her customers and one by one they were devouring them and asking for more! Now she is having a regular job of making them for her boss and the regulars can't seem to get enough! Stop by and ask for Simply Scrumptious Very Berry Muffins!

Thank you for supporting my friend Susie and our launch of SUZSWEETS!!

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