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Wednesday, May 28

When in Spain Remember To Hold on to your Bag!

John 10:10 "The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance"
Whenever anything 'bad' happens to me or my family, I usually respond first with a shock or an appropriate response of grief or feelings of regret just like a normal human being would. Those reactions are expected as we are 'fleshly' humans not angelic heavenly beings at this point anyway.
On a recent trip to Barcelona Spain, while on a semi-vacation, meaning a speaking engagement my husband had there, and turning it into a trip for us to see the country, I found myself in one of those not so fun circumstances.
My husband and I had walked so many miles in the town by foot that we decided that where we wanted to go next on our sight-seeing was a little too far for walking and we found a great metro/subway system there, so we hopped on one of their trains. I should have realized and known it was a precarious venture since we were the only apparent "tourisy" looking couple on the entire subway. I just passed off my reluctant feelings as being non-adventurous and continued on our way on the train and we approached the station we needed to get off. I had my iPhone in my hand and took one last pic of me and my hubby on the train before the doors opened. I placed my cell in my purse for a couple of seconds, then reached back in literally for probably only 5 seconds to take it out to use it again as we exited the train, I noticed instantly that my phone was vanished. It was so fast, so remarkably stunning to me how it could be gone that I really didn't believe it was not there. I kept looking and searching as you all know if you have a smart phone they are filled with sensitive important numbers, passwords, note to yourself, emails, reminders, precious photos and more. My usual happy, joyful and optimistic self was now a complete opposite as my composure changed and my countenance was of an obvious sad tone. I felt robbed of so much, and it wasn't just the feeling of losing the actual gadget itself but the information, the feeling of insecurity set in.
As my husband and I rushed to the hotel, I remembered the iPhone is great with the iCloud feature, and maybe I would be "okay" if we quickly did our security right. We called our Computer Science major College son, and he was able to stop all our networks and save all my data to the ICloud. Suddenly I felt reassured that all of our notes and information could be private and the thief couldn't see a thing.
I learned something this day about God. I learned this day a lot about security, and relating this to my life. No matter what happens to us on this 'earth' the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy us spiritually. He will try to rob us of joy, love, and peace, he wants to destroy our relationships, our families, he also wants to kill our love for God by placing idols in front of our reverence for Him alone. The ICloud is our Heaven. Our security in this earthy life is worth zero. Our wealth, our peace, our joy and our true security is in Heaven, not in this world, not in our possessions. Without Him we can do nothing. So for this I am turning a scary, bad day into a thankfulness that I ran into a robber on the Subway in Spain. I am grateful for reminder that the peace I have only in Christ. He will never change. Worldly, material things can be replaced, notes re-written, apps restored, but a relationship with God is irreplacable.  Once you have Him in your life, it's eternal security forever.

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