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Thursday, November 29

Reminiscent On Simplicity

I remember the late 70's and early 80's as a young teenager driving in the white, convertable VW bug squished inbetween my 2 sisters in the back seat, both mom and dad up front. We had no Ipods, Ipads, Laptops, no portable DVD players, no electronic game systems to occupy us bubbly teenaged girls along our monthly 3 hour trip up to our mountain family cabin in the woods. We did have a car radio that could only be used to hear music or talk radio with the help of the car antena, but that rarely worked.  I also have to say that the amount of photos from my childhood and teenaged years are very few and hard to locate or they are just simply faded out or lost. So there was no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even a chance to share and "pin" a memory on Pinterest boards.
All I have is my own personal memories, and the truth of the bonding these car rides made between me and my dear sisters. We would have long talks about our week in school, giggle until we couldn't stop we would make a peace symbol out the car window to other passengers driving by on the highway. We would play an hours worth of Ispy, 20 questions and more. We would get in a 'fight' or argument from time to time as our patience would wear out on each other's nerves as we complained how 'squished' we felt and uncomforable in the back of the 72 bug. I have memories of my mom lovingly saying occasionally to us, "girls, stop your bickering!" By many standards the teens and kids of today would have never survived a 3 hour car ride in these conditions and it makes me laugh a little and acutally feel so thankful to have been brought up in that era.
 I love these reminicent thoughts, they define us, they help us to reclaim what is rightfully one can cut, copy and paste those memories from us. There are no copyright actions that need to be made on ownership of my stories, no worries of someone taking my story and claiming it to their own.  My family history of memories and events untold are all locked inside my heart. What thoughts and memories define who you are today? Focus on the good and happy times and tie a string around them for they are yours, they are encripted on the palet of your heart.:)

Proverbs 3:3  "Never let kindness and truth leave you. Tie them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart."

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