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Monday, December 10

Redefining Tradition

our tree this year 
All my adult life and for the past 21 years as a mom I have been told from people or reading articles and books to make sure I adhere to 'tradition'. I've been told it's best for the kids, I have been drilled all these years that it's so important to stick to routine and tradition for the sake of the kids, and this I have willingly and happily have succeeded to do. Since the Christmas season is upon us once again I am reflecting, my mind ponders; getting in the car with the whole family and driving in the car in search as a fun quest to find the most decked out Christmas lights on houses we can possibly find.  We would always put the tree up together, never forgetting to put on the traditional "Amy Grant's Christmas" album belting on the stereo, her gorgeous voice singing Emmanuel and we had a little science to how this event would happen as well. Oh, and I can't forget there was a routine and tradition to putting up the house Christmas lights and lawn animals. All these types of traditions were faithfully kept until last year and it's even changed more this holiday season since my 21 year old son is away at college for the 2nd Christmas in a row. He will be home for Christmas, just not the fun and pre-holiday routines we keep.  I have had some ups and downs in my thinking as I had to redefine tradition. I had to say to myself that it's OK if I don't and can't keep the same ol same ol and that this is part of life and kids growing up, but let me tell ya, it's not that easy to break a routine, tradition or a habit. Instead of letting emotion control us in life's daily or season of life changes that are inevitably going to present us all with a transition. We can use it to create and redefine new tradition. Finding new and fun ways to celebrate holidays with your family instead of worrying about the way things used to be is healthy. When I came to a point to realize this was "ok" I got pretty excited. Having new changes brings growth and it releases us from guilt and emotional memories become an embracing of the old and an excitement from the future. Its time to enjoy the here and now! Merry Christmas and may your holiday family traditions change with grace, but never change-LOVE!
my "boys" today:)
My boys at ages 3 and 7:)

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