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Wednesday, November 14

Victoria & Charlotte Treasures.. MY MOM:)

My mom is such a wonderful creative and insightful business ower and designer! We do have a story together, I will start there. She and I used to have an antique business and we would hunt for, then buy and then ultimately lug around tons of gems, finds, treasures to put in our shop in downtown Snohomish, Wa. After all that hard work we would then go put it sweetly in our rented out space we liked to refer to as our "store." So much fun, yet so tiring we finally had to give it up and sell our goods.
I have to say that my favorite part of the adventure we embarked on with having our Victoria & Charlotte Treasures Antique shop was going to the thrift stores and garage sales! Trying to get the person selling the old and dusty items was one of the joys of the job. I remember at the Goodwill store in Marysville where we were living, I would spot an old teacup or old glass pitcher from afar and I could tell that it was a good one..meaning, I could talk the merchant down in price and I then would mark up the price for our little antique space. That is the way it works with everyone in the vintage and antiquing biz after all!
Now I have to say how proud again I am with my mom (and now my dad is one of the current crafters) with Victoria&Charlotte Treasures on Etsy!  (please click that link) They have been working on custom orders like soldered glass pendants, hand crafted mosaic treasures such as light switch plate covers, mirrors, and amazingly wonderful and unique glass bottles. They operate this entire store out of their Island Studio in lovely Whidbey Island! This business has been in operation since 2008 and myself and my mom opened up the etsy shop with fearless determination to re-launch a mother daughter business. I have to say that my parents are 100% the crafters and creators of all the beauties you will find and I am their passionate facebooker and social media manager and of course the Southern California sales represenative:)

ANNOUCEMENT !! The Etsy Shoppe has now been in business over 3 years and there is a special going on! If you buy anything on the site here is the special: Free Shipping!!!!!! Just enter "freeship10" on check out!
For the month of celebration of the 3rd year of hav
ing our ETSY shop, you can celebrate with us and get 10% off of any item in Victoria & Charlotte's TREASURES. Just type in "ANNIVERSARY3" at checkout.

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