Joy For This Journey

Thursday, November 1

In Evaluation, excuse me as I ramble:)

This Blogging..trying to put my thoughts of life changing moments of my story, my 'journey' is sometimes more difficult than I ever thought. When I started my blog "Joy For This Journey" I had many life stories popping into my head left and right.  My true blog stories that would take me on this Joyful Journey blogging adventure. I still have those plans to embark every reader with my path, the chapters of the book I am writing but at times I get in a 'writer's block" and I just want to sort of focus on the here and now, and use this as a Joy For the Journal blog. Hey, I kinda like that, "Joy For The Journal" will now be one section of my writings on this blog!
I love looking up definitions. In evaluation of my blog and the reasons behind it I did this today. A JOURNEY is : a traveling from one place to another, usually taking a rather long time; trip. This defines my portion of JOY FOR THIS JOUNEY on my blog. I will focus on the many wonderful things, places, people and travels that I have been on, experienced and have a story to share.  The second definition of the word JOURNEY is: a passage or progress from one stage to another. This defines the JOY FOR THIS JOURNAL on my blog. This is more of a devotional, and I will share 'sermon notes' or recaps from my own time and study in the word of God. I will share how God speaks to me on a personal level.
I am a Life Coach, a "Life Purpose Coach" and would love to help "coach" you the reader or follower of this blog in anything you seem to decide you like about it.

Here we go.
It's a JOY to Journey life with you!

Vicki Yount

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