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Thursday, August 11

Finding hidden treasures in New York ... Serendipity and Frozen Hot Chocolate :)

In February I had the chance to travel with my husband for a Design Contest he was to be a judge for and we went to NYC! It is always my goal when I do get the chance to travel with him for work related events, to do my own research of the places I am headed to...places of popularity , gossip from others that share tips of the best things to do etc. 

Two years ago we took our first trip to NYC for my son's 18th birthday, we were advised by a friend to go to a little, quaint place called Serendipity specifically to get their famous FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE. 

One of the days while there we got in our heads to make this a goal...we got a taxi, had the driver take us straight to 225 East 60th street (which was quite a ways from where we were staying in Timesquare) and we popped out of the cab, ran up to the front of this highly anticipated hideaway only to our dismay it was a 3 1/2 hour wait for a seat! We were here in July, so it was hot and muggy, we had no intentions to stay, we got on a subway nearest to the street and with some dissapointment went somewhere else.

So just forward to my trip last week , now you know why I coudn't wait to go here !  This time I talked about this place everyday to my husband while we were there, and he was working, finally he said "Let's go !" We got a subway trian, headed to 60th between 2nd and 3rd street in Uptown and found it again, this time, walking right in, no waiting at all, plenty of seating and we ordered the much talked about Frozen delight.

I could only finish half when this amazing menu item came to me...unbelievable ! I have a feeing however that the ambiance and the decor, the expectation of this sweet hole in the wall made it all worth the experience, not necessarily just the dessert itself. 

I am glad that I did it and made such a goal to go here...isn't it fun to have something in life to look forward to  and remember that saying "stop and smell the roses", I think there is something to that in life today, we get so busy and we forget to have some fun! 

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